Why bowling is the perfect Father’s Day gift

Zb Fathers Day Blog

In the deepest, darkest recesses of every dad’s heart lurks a secret wish… To be a contender. To see his name in lights. To hear the beautiful sound of a crowd screaming his name. You can make your dad’s wish come true. You can give him his five minutes of fame. Take your dad ten pin bowling. Here’s why...

Low barrier to entry

Nope, your dad won’t have to navigate various obstacles (and quite probably injure an ankle while at it) to get to the bowling lanes – ZONE BOWLING’s doors are wide open, welcoming and barrier free! We're talking about whether your dad is seriously fit or impersonating a Pikachu plushie, benches your weight with one arm or has trouble moving the cat out of the way. On the lanes, fitness is quickly surpassed by skill. All he needs is the will to bowl, the ability to aim, nifty finger skills to add some spin to the ball, and the comfort of our plush couches to rest on in between turns. Call it his cardio workout for the week!

Even better: you don’t have to spend mega bucks to treat your dad to a game of bowling. We have gift cards and bowling packages at different price points and will help you pick the one you can afford. Check the options out here.

Plenty of scope for smooth moves

We’re not saying we encourage dads to embarrass their kids – but hey, if he can’t throw down and do his best moonwalk impression while bowling, when can he? Our ZONE BOWLING music playlists adds the perfect fun vibe to an evening out.  If your dad keeps muttering about how “you can’t call this music!”, you can request a special Golden Oldie to be played, just for him! Also, all strikes have to be celebrated by doing the Funky Chicken, and gutter balls require the Robot. Ask him to show you how. (Or you could teach him the Floss dance. Get him to limber up first!)

Food fit for a dad

Dads need plenty of fuel for a good night’s bowling: it’s tough entertaining an adoring crowd, after all! So begone, fiddly weird canapés on sticks and lukewarm, pale-yellow bubbly stuff in long-stemmed glasses: ZONE BOWLING knows what dads want. Crisp, hot, fries. Authentic New York Sliders. Succulent, yummy hot dogs. With extra cheese. Maybe a Nutella Pizza to round things off. And a few pints of their favourite brew, thank you very much. The ZONE BOWLING menu provides a variety of food and drink options for dads to share with their families or scoff on their own - and they’re welcome to order seconds! Check out our awesome menus here.

His name in lights

It’s what we all want: our name in neon, next to the winning bowling score, displayed on a screen where everybody can see it. Boasting rights FTW! If your dad needs more neon than our bowling display board can give, though, add a bonus round of laser tag to his Father’s Day gift. Plenty of neon to go around (and if you get an opportunity to kick dad butt at laser tag, don’t. ’Cos Father’s Day.) Just remember to check that you book at a ZONE BOWLING that offers laser tag – check the venue details here.

Done with bowling and laser tag, and your dad still has energy left? Challenge him to a few games on one of our cool arcade games!

No dress-up required

Dads dread events where they have to wear tight black suits, uncomfortable shoes and weird ties. Luckily, ten-pin bowling doesn’t require any dress up. (Unless you want to make it a theme party, in which case, go for it!) The most famous movie bowler, the Dude, was most comfortable in a bathrobe and fluffy slippers. Tell your dad to channel that look.

VIP Treatment

Really want to up your Father’s Day Gift cred? Book one of ZONE BOWLING’s special party rooms and turn it into a Father’s Day Den for your dad. You can decorate it with all his favourite things, bring a cool birthday cake and force him to wear dodgy party hats. We’ll help you with all the set up beforehand, and the clean up after. It’s a great spot for your dad to take a short nap in between intense bowling games, too... They get tired, too!

A memory to last a lifetime!

The best reason to take your dad bowling for Father’s Day? Because you’ll be doing it together. That’s when the best memories are made: when you’re sharing a moment with your dad, and reminding him how much you love him. So come on over to ZONE BOWLING, and make your dad’s day!