Why bowling is great for kids


It’s no secret that bowling is a great pastime for teens and adults to blow off some steam and share fun moments with their crew.

But whilst bowling is definitely fun for the whole family, it’s also very beneficial for your child’s self-esteem, maths skills and social skills!

Here’s our top 4 reasons why bowling is great for kids:

1) It's a social sport

Bowling might seem like a mind game that’s focused on knocking down pins, but it's definitely more than that. Between strikes, you can share good conversation and laughter with your friends and family, and since there’s an activity to focus on, even the shyest kids can feel safer about coming out of their shells.

It also teaches how to be a great sportsman or sportswoman, with lots of opportunities to laugh off a gutter ball or encourage your friend who’s beating you. It’s all the fun of the game!

2) Learning about numbers

Bowling can be more than just a physically challenging sport. Tenpin bowling can also stimulate the mind by hiding maths and counting skills in every game.

Even with computers keeping score, kids learn to work out how many pins they need to knock out and calculate their own totals. Maths has never been so fun!

3) It’s low pressure

With gutter guards and bowling ramps, achieving even the simplest components of the game are made super accessible to little hands.

And in between potential misses or low scores, you can sit back and relax with some chippies or a paddle pop and have a nice chat with your mum, dad or friends.

4) It’s encouraging

Every time it’s your turn to roll, it’s as if you’re starting again. With every pin reset, you constantly have a chance to improve your technique or your luck with a fluke strike or spare, which encourages you to keep going!

Not to mention your child will be surrounded by their friends or family, cheering them on for hitting more of the pins down each time. Bowling can be an easy win life moment to lift an anxious or sad child’s spirits, and with just 1 spare or strike you’re giving them the opportunity to feel pro at something!

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