Which fictional film stars would have made champion bowlers?


Mastering bowling is a tricky task, and many otherwise talented people have succumbed to the the high skill levels and technical details required to become a bowling supremo.

Predicting who has the talent to master the game is a bit of a lottery, and one discussion that often emerges among bowling buddies is about which movie characters would make quality bowlers. The debate can get more heated than you might think - sure, the Incredible Hulk seems like an obvious choice, but can you really see him reigning in his strength enough to show the necessary grace and guile?

We don't, but here are some fictional film characters we reckon could have made a name for themselves on the bowling lanes.

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins

We reckon this pair would have relished to opportunity to cash in a ZONE BOWLING gift card and chuck a few balls at the pins. Sure, their small frames might not be ideal, but they're super-quick learners and seem to be able to tap into surprising stores of strength when necessary. They know exactly how to focus that strength, too.

Besides, if it all goes belly-up they can always give their mate Gandalf a buzz and get him to whizz up a few tricks with the scoreboard.

Home Alone's Kevin McCallister

He may not look like a bowler, and might need to bulk his arms up a bit, but Kevin McCallister has just the type of ingenuity need to succeed at bowling. He's shown he knows how to think his way out of a tough situation, which can be invaluable when you're faced with the dreaded 7-10 split.

Plus, when it comes to the pressure situations, young Kevin clearly knows how to keep his cool and won't let the bigger guys intimidate him.

And if he can't out-bowl his competitors, at least he could set elaborate and hilarious traps to trip them up as they make their run up.

Edward Scissorhands

OK, old Ed would make a terrible bowler. We just thought it'd be hilarious to see him trying to pick up a bowling ball.

What movie characters do you think would succeed on the bowling lanes?