Where does Reece Mastin get his inspiration?


Still only 19 years old, Reece Mastin is already an inspiration to young teens all across Australia. The nation's hottest young rock star is proving that with an equal abundance of talent and dedication, anything is possible!

But surely even a star of Reece's stature must have had some inspirational figures of his own during his childhood? ZONE BOWLING recently caught up with Reece himself to find out who he looked up to in his path to stardom.

We began with the all-important question: Who was Reece's favourite singer while growing up? It was an easy choice for Reece - Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

He adds that "big rock and roll bands that have lasted a life time" are also a huge source of inspiration, while he's also a big fan of Stevie Nicks. Being able to work with Kylie Minogue on the X factor was a huge highlight as well!

Yet Reece is also quick to point out those closest to him, his friends and family, had the biggest influence on his career.

"My family and friends have always supported me, from Mum on X Factor to having my sister live with me on tour in Sydney," he says proudly.

"I love having them around and my mates are always there when I go home."

Reece also credits much of his success to his music teachers at school, in particular Mr Elsey and Mr Coad, both of whom he describes as simply "influential".

And while it may all look like fun and games while on stage, rock stars have their rough patches too - so what does Reece do when he's going through a tough time?

As expected, music is the answer.

"To be honest, when I'm going through a tough period I turn to music, same as I always have done," he says.

"It's definitely what gets me through and I hope my music can do that for my fans."