Here at ZONE BOWLING, we take pride in being the champions of fun. Here's a run down of what a night out at ZONE BOWLING could be like for you. 

6:00 p.m: You step inside your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre and are immediately welcomed by dazzling, colourful lights over the bowling lanes and in the arcade area. Your eyes gaze around the centre, planning what you want to do first, but your tummy rumbles. It's time to eat some dinner before you play.

6:05 p.m: Holy moly! There's a brand new menu on offer with delicious treats such as the Aloha Burger, made with crispy tempura chicken breast, bacon and, of course, the classic Hawaiian pineapple.

If you're here with the family and want to teach the kids that sharing is caring, we have meals designed to share such as the Fisherman's Catch with tempura calamari, crumbed prawn cutlets and of course battered fish with golden hot chips. Yum!

6:35 p.m: You've finished your dinner and washed it down with cider, beer or wine, and the kiddies have happily sipped on Spring Valley Fruit Juices. It's time to get your bowl on. 

6:40 p.m: Bowling shoe laces are tied, you're on the lanes in your own booth ... STRIKE! You're smashing the ten pins! Applause and cheers abound.

7:40 p.m: Hurray! You scored many strikes and the little ones got the hang of bowling with help from gutter bumpers. Now it's time for arcade joy!

8:00 p.m: Dance Dance Revolution was a blast, as you busted out moves that even professional dancers would be jealous of. Time to cash in your arcade tokens. Victory is sweet.

8:05 p.m: Parents with young children might be heading back home now to tuck them in, but those here with mates can put their ninja skills to good use in the Laser Skirmish arena. Sprint, duck, dive and aim like superheros as you ace the obstacles and defeat opponents!

9:05 p.m: Bam! That was a fun session. But here at ZONE BOWLING, the fun never stops. Just step right back inside if you're using the Laser Power Play special offer for all you can play until 10:00 p.m.!

10.00 p.m: You've finished your Laser Skirmish mission in style. What an epic night out!