What if internet culture trends were bowling moves?


Throughout recent history, internet trends have come and gone as fast as most celebrity couples (insert your favourite example here). They explode into popularity, taking us by storm, then dissipate into a distant memory, rarely to be seen again and shunned forever more. 

Here's a question we all know you've been asking: What if these internet trends from history were sweet bowling moves? 

We'd like to answer that question. Right here. Right now. 


Bowling is a great way to gather your friends and enjoy an active work party. When all eyes are on you, however, you need to impress them. What better way than the YOLO?

This is a simple move, but could turn your swag up to 11 if successful. Simply grab your favourite bowling ball (or ... well ... any bowling ball, really) and saunter towards the foul line. When you are close enough, release the ball down the lane without giving it so much as a second glance, and then turn to walk away. Who cares what the score is? YOLO.

Hashtag Strike

The Hashtag Strike, or #strike for short, is more of a bowling afterthought than an actual move, but it's important to include it here in this short list.

For this particular event you will need to have a smartphone with internet capability and a Twitter account, pre-logged in. Bowl your ball as if you were a tried and true professional. Make sure you approach with a careful stare, release with awesome flare, and get a strike as your friends glare.

Next, capitalise on your excellent shot by tweeting to all your followers that you just got a strike: "Just got a #strike at @ZONE BOWLINGau! Wazzuuuup perf 300?!"

Of course, make sure to experiment with your own ideas as well. What are your favourite internet trends that you'd love turned into a bowling move?