Want a bowling date with a rock star?


Move over, Justin Bieber - Reece Mastin is in town.

This summer, ZONE BOWLING is offering fans the chance to win an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime bowling date with the latest heartthrob in Australia's music scene!

Having surged to fame and stardom following his X-Factor win back in 2011, Reece hardly needs much of an introduction - but here's a bit of a rundown on the story behind his success.

Reece was born in the English town of Scunthorpe back in November 1994, and it wasn't long before his family chose to move to Australia in search of an easier lifestyle (and better weather, of course). What a decision that turned out to be.

Reece displayed a prodigious talent from a young age, writing his first song at the age of 12. His natural gift was apparent for all to see, and the encouragement of his music teachers throughout his schooling years proved crucial in convincing him he had the trappings of success.

His breakthrough came in the third season of the Australian X-Factor in 2011, when he wowed judges and audiences alike with his unique singing style. He describes his genre as a fusion of pop and rock, and his individuality and fearlessness in experimenting is what sets him apart from the run-of-the-mill teen stars today.

Reece's success in the competition has been met with plenty of reward, not the least of which was a record deal with Sony Music Australia. His debut single, 'Good Night', firmly underlined his status as a rising star after it hit the top spot in both Australian and New Zealand charts.

He admits his life has been a whirlwind since winning X-Factor, and he has moved out of his family home in South Australia to set up shop in Sydney.

And despite his celebrity status, he still enjoys the simpler things in life - such as a round of team bowling. If you'd like the opportunity to go head-to-head with Reece at the lanes, make sure you visit your nearest ZONE BOWLING this summer!