Walk the Line - Don't Cross It

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Walk the Line - don’t cross it

Conga lines. Picket lines. The Ghostbuster’s volatile plasma stream lines. Stroking your cat’s tummy. There are some lines you simply do not cross. (Unless the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man starts stomping Sydney, in which case, cross away!) Since October is National Safe Work Month, we decided to focus on one particular line that should never, ever be crossed: the notorious foul line on the bowling lane…

You shall not pass!

So here’s the thing: if you don’t respect this particular line, you’re gonna be doing a painful slide of shame. Possibly out the door of our family entertainment venues, if you keep pushing things. (You’ve been warned.) Because beyond the bowling lane’s foul line, things get mighty oily. And slippery. And not in the “fun night on the town we shall never speak of again” way, either…

There’s a reason why your bowling ball spins so gracefully, picking up speed and throwing off sparks before sending the pins flying and the crowd cheering. We keep our bowling lanes beautifully oiled and very smooth. Good for bowling balls, not good for heads. Especially ones hitting the floor because they stepped over the foul line. So please: respect the line. Do not cross it. And keep an eye on those that are likely to try their luck. You know who they are...

Your Mini-Me

Kids are busy dynamos. That’s why we love them. But quite often, their ping-pong energy sends them careening into and onto things they should rather avoid, such as the slick and shiny bowling lane beyond the all-important foul line. The surface of the bowling lane is kept in tip-top condition to make sure that your bowling ball travels the path of least resistance to its intended goal: an impressive strike. Unfortunately, this smooth surface is a hostile environment to little feet, bodies and heads. Crossing the foul line is almost guaranteed to cause a mishap of the head-over-heels variety – and tears are something we never want to see in our venues. Our suggestion? Convince them that beyond the foul line, the floor turns into actual, red-hot lava, hungry for kiddos. And please keep an eye on them at all times!

The Showoff

We all have that one friend who just can’t resist breaking the rules — and he usually does it with loads of bravado, brew in hand, trying to impress the thoroughly uninterested team of players in lane five. Let’s call him Fred. If Fred starts facing down the foul line, may we suggest leading him to the closest Arcade Claw Machine to try his luck? Convince him that catching a cute plushie is a better way of impressing someone if compared to, say, crossing the foul line and assuming the “involuntary splits” position. It’s not a good look. (And visiting the emergency room with groin strain is not a fun Friday night out.)

The Newbie

We get it: sometimes, a newbie tests her ten pin bowling mettle for the first time. Once she’s over the shock of the truly interesting variety of bowling shoes available and has picked a ball based on her favourite colour, it might be time to give her a rundown of the bowling basics, starting with our favourite safety tip: not crossing the foul line. We prefer bowling newbies to fall in love with the game, have loads of fun and keep coming back: an unexpected back injury does not make for happy memories. So be a mate: if you spot a newbie with no clue, help them out with some advice!

And there you have it: Bowling Safety 101, aimed at maximising fun and keeping you safe. For more tips about having an epic time bowling, read our blog on choosing the right shoes, helping your kids’ improve their game and mastering the bowling ball here. And remember to keep walking the safety line: we’ll see you on the lanes soon!


This video has been produced pursuant to an enforceable undertaking between Bowling Centres Australia ACN: 003 710 110 and SafeWork NSW, dated 12 December 2016.