Celebrate Valentines Day at ZONE BOWLING!


Ah, Valentine's Day. The time of year when the card section at the supermarket is bright red and every piece of chocolate you eat is inexplicably heart shaped. Love it or hate it, February 14 is an opportunity for some no barrels fun.

Whether you've been with your love for years or whether you swiped right just last Tuesday, it's time to get out and do something special this Sunday. Skip the cliched dinner where you gaze into each other's eyes (seriously, it's not romantic, it's just awkward) and embark on an evening of food, fun and festivity at ZONE BOWLING.

Horrible Valentine's stories

Most people will have one of three Valentine's Day experiences: a good one, a bad one, or a non-existent one. Obviously, no one wants a bad Valentine's Day - some of the truly terrible ones can even result in traumatic memories. Glamour magazine reports the story of one newly single woman who, in an attempt to distract herself on the day, agreed to do the Valentine's shift at the hotel she worked at.

Little did she know, her ex-boyfriend was dining there that night - with his new girlfriend. The poor girl had to wait on them then prep their hotel room with rose petals and massage oil. Talk about uncomfortable!

We'd all do whatever we could to avoid this type of situation. Sure, you could just let the day slip by as though it were any other Sunday, but let's be honest - celebrations are fun! Luckily, there's one place where you can party like no other, a place that will make your Valentine's Day truly unforgettable.

So where should you go for Valentine's Day?

That's easy - ZONE BOWLING is a place that will have all your Valentine's day plans come to fruition. Whether you're looking for a cool, intimate corner to get to know someone a bit better or a night of fun-filled silliness with your long-term partner, ZONE BOWLING is the place to be. Woo your love with a series of churros or go the full yard with dinner. Then hit the arena or the lanes for a fun-filled night. 

We have triple play on the lanes with triple the fun, play three games of bowling for only $15 per person. But if you prefer to run around in the dark we have our awesome gamer combo for 2 games of laser tag and 5 arcade tokens for only $15. After that, who knows where the night will take you?