Try these 2 great bowling gift ideas


As we draw towards the end of the year, the idea of gift giving starts to become more and more pressing. Every so often you'll probably look at a calendar and think, "Oh goodness, is it that time of year already?" Christmas is just under two months away, and that's on top of anybody's birthday that might be inconveniently placed within the upcoming season - honestly, why did they have to go and get born at the time of year where you have to buy so many other gifts?

This year, give a little gift of ZONE BOWLING to your loved ones with these bowling gift ideas.

Have a ball

One of the things that can go either horribly wrong or so brilliantly right when you're bowling is your choice of ball. ZONE BOWLING has a wide selection of available weights, but that still doesn't stop that angry-looking guy a few lanes down stealing the perfect one. Rather than watch your loved one suck it up and choose something wrong, why not get them a ball of their very own? There are a number of places available in Australia and online that do balls with extreme patterns (we're talking flames, here), customised weights and plenty more. 

A gift card ain't hard

Alternately, if your loved one is just getting into the sport, or wouldn't use their own ball enough, pop online to ZONE BOWLING's website and grab them a gift card. At either $20, $50 or $100, your choice can be a few rounds on you or the gift that just keeps on giving. On top of that, you can also input your name, their name and a special little message on a design of your own choice to make sure it's not just something half-done, but that's heartfelt and thoughtful.