Top tenpin bowling techniques


Between on-screen and real-life professional bowlers, there have been some interesting, hilarious and downright genius styles of throwing a bowling ball. We recount some of the best we've seen over the past decades.

1. Fred Flintstone

Anyone who was fortunate enough to have this cartoon be a part of their childhood marvelled at Fred's individual bowling style. Daintily hopping onto his tip-toes, he would complete a particularly graceful run up to the lane before throwing the ball in any which direction. Surprisingly, it generally worked very much in his favour!

2. Jason Belmonte

Professional Australian bowler Jason "Belmo" Belmonte, has been using his two-handed bowling strategy for years - and it has led him to a number of big victories. Belmo inserts two fingers into the ball, but keeps his thumb outside of the third hole whilst supporting the underside with his left hand, according to The Wall Street Journal. He believes it helps with the rotation of the ball, allowing it to swoop round and knock down each pin.

3. Malcolm in the Middle

In the episode aptly titled 'Bowling', Malcolm and his family head to the bowling alley to enjoy some bonding time. Hal and Malcolm both have some interesting bowling techniques, but our favourite is the awkward moment when Malcolm, in a fit of frustration, heads straight up to the pins and throws what is set to be a statement bowl, claiming it is the only way to get a strike. Unfortunately, his skills are so amateur that he still manages to miss, wrapping the ball around and behind the pins without knocking a single one down. 

Find your own signature style, have fun with quirky combinations and see what works best with your swing. Take some tips from Fred and Belmo, and test them out next time you're in the ZONE BOWLING alleys.