Time saving with ZONE BOWLING


In the immortal words of Groucho Marx, "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

OK, so it doesn't actually have much do to with time, but it's still fun to say. 

On that note, time is a pretty precious commodity, right? Nobody ever has quite enough and even when you think you do, you actually don't. Because of this, here at ZONE BOWLING you can book your games online! When you pop online to our booking website, you simply select which centre you'd like to visit (HINT: It's usually the one nearest you), then proceed to select whether or not you will be bowling or playing laser skirmish

You can even pop in a few specials such as 'Sunset Unlimited' deal or 'Eat Drink Bowl'. 

Time savers

To celebrate this revolution in chronological innovation, here are three other things you can do in life to save time.

  1. Pasta masta: If you know you're going to be eating pasta for dinner, pop the right amount in a bowl of cold water about an hour and a half before you want to eat. When it comes to dinner time, it will only take a couple of minutes to cook in boiling water!
  2. Pasta masta II: Return of the Pasta masta: The title might not be saving space, but this will save time. If you're the type of person who gets home from work and yells out, "UGH!" before proceeding to order takeaways instead of cook, do more when you have the energy. Cook family-sized portions and then freeze whatever you don't eat into single portions.That way you have frozen meals ready to go for when you can't be bothered.
  3. Easy as 1-2-Iron: Though it won't work perfectly, if you want to have creaseless shirts, you may not need to iron. After they come out the wash, give them a firm shake and then hang them to dry on a clothes hanger. They should flatten themselves out!