Top 10 Songs to Get you Bowling a Strike | ZONE BOWLING


If you haven't yet treated yourself to the epicness that is ZONE BOWLING, you might not know that there are jukeboxes. For those of you too young to know these old relics, they're practically like having your own music library at your fingertips, except without having to connect to Wi-Fi, and your earbuds don't fall out, and your mates can enjoy the music too, and you've got more options ... yeah, they're pretty great.

So when you want to bowl a strike, you'll be needing a serious power track to give it that real-life montage feel. Here are our top 10 picks for tunes to get you revved up to knock down every last pin:

1. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Dun. Dun Dun Dun. Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

The truly iconic Eye of the Tiger will forever be linked to the original Rocky movie, but what better motivation could there be for bowling a strike?

2. We Are the Champions - Queen

It says it in the headline and it says it in the bassline. One strike and you'll feel like the champion of the world. Get your whole team in on the strikes and you'll have every right to belt this one out with your eyes closed.

3. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Don't you ever, ever stop believing in that stroke. Or singing this one out loud with awesome fist pumping.

4. Beat It - Michael Jackson

A list without MJ? You've got to be kidding. Any of his tracks will do, but Beat It is arguably (yes, we'll argue it) the best.

5. Lose Yourself - Eminem

"Look if you had one shot, one moment, would you capture it, or let it slip?"

Take that shot at a strike, and get the entire alley rapping along with you. It's win-win.

6. Thunderstruck - AC/DC

You technically only need two words to sing along to this one: 'na' and 'thunderstruck'. It doesn't matter if you don't know the rest, it's still a winner.

7. Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas

Get those sweet poses ready and bowl like a kung fu master as you score strike after strike while this classic one-hit wonder plays up as loud as it can go.

8. Happy - Pharrell

Get everyone up and dancing to this tune that's already a classic of our time. And you know what you'll be when you knock down all the pins ...?

9. All the Single Ladies - Beyonce

You don't even need to be a leotard-wearing, hand-flipping single lady to love this track, but if you just so happen to be one (or simply know the words), it will undoubtedly give you that power up you need to aim true.

10. Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Have you ever wanted to Rick Roll an entire bowling alley? We bet you do now. Even if you roll a gutter ball, this is still one roll that you can never lose.