The tenpin bucket list: The 4 best bowling alleys in America


Everyone knows Aussies are pretty keen bowlers - but there's no denying that this great sport has its origins in the US of A!

Bowling as we know it today was first played on American shores, and the country has a long and proud history of producing some awe-inspiring bowling alleys.

So if you're headed on a trip to the States anytime soon, make sure you check out these four world-famous bowling alleys.

1. Mission Bowling Club

The Mission Bowling Club alley only has six lanes, but that just makes it feel all the more exclusive. In fact, you'll have to book a lane well in advance to have any chance of playing at this San Francisco landmark!

In addition to the secluded bowling atmosphere, this club also offers a delectable range of proper American fare such as steaks and burgers.

2. White House Bowling Alley

As if bowling wasn't American enough, there's even a dedicated alley constructed in the basement of the White House!

First built when Richard Nixon led the nation, presidents over the years have enjoyed flexing their bowling muscles when they weren't busy running the world's largest country.

3. The Goodnight

With eight vintage lanes and murals depicting bowling movies such as The Big Lebowski, The Goodnight in Austin, Texas is a must-visit for any bowling pilgrim.

There's a host of other entertainment options on offer too, such as karaoke, pool and a dining room.

4. Brooklyn Bowl

You won't want to miss this luxury bowling experience if you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn.

There are huge leather sofas to recline on while you enjoy food and drinks from the famous Blue Ribbon group. Just remember that you're at a bowling alley, not a restaurant!

Feeling inspired to visit these amazing lanes? For now, why not head down to your local ZONE BOWLING for a bit of work party fun!