The history of bowling: Part 4


When you think of the greatest sporting tournaments around the world, massive global events such as the FIFA football world cup and the rugby world cup are likely to spring to mind.

But did you know that the humble game of tenpin bowling also boasts a rich array of international tournaments?

From its beginnings as a simple pastime, bowling has evolved into a high-profile sport with many established events in which the best bowlers from around the world compete.

Some of these actually date back a good number of years and are steeped in history.

In the next part of our series on the history of bowling, we look at some of the greatest world bowling tournaments.

WTBA World Championships

This is one of the world's premier bowling tournaments, and is open to competitors from all countries that are members of the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA).

It is split into separate men's and women's competitions, with a range of events including singles, doubles, trios and teams.

The 2013 edition of the Championships only just finished at the end of August, with the USA and South Korea dominating the tournament.

QubicaAMF BOWLING World Cup

The QubicaAMF World Cup, which began in 1965, is one of the largest and oldest bowling tournaments in the world.

It has been hosted in countless exotic locations around the globe over the years, including Thailand, Venezuela, France and Latvia.

The latest version of the event, in November 2013, is set to be hosted in Russia - who will come out on top as the world's best bowling nation?

Weber Cup

The Weber Cup is a prestigious annual event that is competed between Team USA and Team Europe, much like golf's Ryder Cup.

Team USA recorded a comprehensive victory at the most recent tournament in 2012. Can the Europeans hit back this year?

Whether you play in a serious bowling league or just for fun, bowling is a great sport for all ages - so head down to your local ZONE BOWLING for a round today!