The Future is Now: The latest innovations in bowling


Every 90s kid who wasn't forced to live under a rock during their childhood will have grown up watching the bowling exploits of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

And while the popular cartoon's futuristic cousins, the Jetsons, weren't as partial to a round of team bowling, it appears the sport has been getting a makeover in recent years with some cutting-edge innovations.

While technological advancements such as automated scoring systems and pinsetters are now part of everyday life, here are two of the latest bowling trends you may not have heard about!

Glow bowling

Imagine if some crazy film director decided to fuse two movies - bowling classic The Big Lebowski and sci-fi thriller Tron - into one mashup.

While such a concept may leave you scratching your head, that's exactly the kind of feel glow bowling is going for.

Glow bowling is one of the newest adaptations of the humble game that is tenpin bowling, using darkened alleys, black lights, and LED-lit glowing balls to add a futuristic edge to the sport.

With music blaring out to heighten the atmosphere, a round of glow bowling is set to leave anyone buzzing for days!

Smart bowling balls

Modern cars are decked out with a plethora of 'smart' technologies that promise to make the entire experience easier.

Sports Engineering Professor Franz Fuss, from Australia's very own RMIT University, thought he could do his part in enriching the lives of bowlers around the world as well, and has developed a 'smart' bowling ball that can be used as a training aid.

These balls are equipped with aluminium tubes in the finger holes which measure the force a bowler uses for each throw. Avid players can then use the information collected to adjust their technique and improve their score.

These developments are just a taster to what lies ahead in the world of bowling. In the meantime, why not head down to ZONE BOWLING for some classic bowling league fun?