The Dos and Don’ts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday: a tale of two lanes…

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Hunting bargains on Black Friday can be an ordeal that sucks the joy out of snagging cheap swag. Fortunately, your friends at Zone Bowling have you covered with a handy list of the top five Black Friday dos and don’ts that will keep your spirits lifted and your wallet fat.

Choose your battle ground

Don’t: go to shopping centres on 27 November. Never start a battle on enemy territory. Cramped spaces filled with coupon-snippers is no place for a top-shelf deal hunter like you.

Do: Choose your couch. Keep the high ground, manage your environment, browse at your own pace, wear your partner’s comfy slippers… This will be no biggie.

Never go full retail

Don’t: get distracted. This sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many rookies head out to buy a flat screen TV and come home with full-price Christmas novelty socks and a dangly thing for the cat. The shame will be almost unbearable.

Do: focus on the target deal. Select the Zone Bowling Gift Card you want: we’re offering a great deal to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so the more you spend, the more you save! Or in other words, if you purchase a Zone Bowling Gift Card (online only, not in store) between 27 and 30 November, you get:

  • $100 for $90
  • $150 for $130
  • $200 for $160

This offer may be time sensitive, but your Zone Bowling Gift Card is not. That baby has a three-year life span… But it gets even better: any Zone Bowling Gift Card you purchase as part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal can be used at any of our sister brand stores: that includes Timezone AND Kingpin!

It’s not just about you

Don’t: be selfish. Sharing is caring. Spread the love, don’t just buy for yourself, buy something you can share, or better yet, buy a gift for someone else.

Do: Buy an experience, preferably one you can share. A Zone Bowling gift card is the perfect sharing experience that you can redeem even with our sister companies Timezone and Kingpin. 

Twice the thinking, half the effort

Don’t: live in the now. Buying for the moment means you end up with stuff you don’t need and end up needing more stuff at extra steep Christmas prices just a month later.

Do: think of the future. Zone Bowling gift cards have a three-year shelf life and unlike your Avengers DVD they never get old. Buy a bunch and you’ll be sorted for Christmas gifts and school holidays!

Choose an honest Abe

Don’t: be fooled. Retailers are discounting what they want you to buy. Now is the time to have laser focus and to snag the big discounts on the goods that matter to you. Don’t be fooled by prices that are inflated, stock that is stale or discounts that are hard to understand. Don’t clear the shelves of junk, get the stuff you want.

Do: choose normal goods discounted: but only for a weekend. That sure is a mouthful but it is the truth. Zone Bowling never discounts its gift cards – except for one weekend in the year. It’s like getting cash for free! We won’t be doing it again until the earth does another full rotation of the sun (with apologies to the flat earthers).

There you have it, folks: the magic formula that will help you make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now sit back, relax and save this link in your browser. It’s almost time.