The Complete Activities Guide From Home…

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Bit over this iso life? Finding it hard to keep yourself busy, let alone your kids? We know, its struggle street when you can’t just pop down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING for a few games and food but as always, we’ve still got you covered!

These School Holidays are unprecedented times, this may never happen again in our lifetime! Whilst we try to adjust to the new way of life let’s not forget to keep positive and still have fun while we do it!

We’ve put together a fun little list for things to do with the kids when you just don’t know what to do anymore!

Fun Zone Activity Pack

Have you downloaded our Fun Zone activity pack? Filled with puzzles, colouring in and a find a word. Of course, all with a ZONE BOWLING touch to them. Keep the kids entertained with hours of FUN! All you need is a printer.


We know it can be a little hard to get your hands on a puzzle right now but if you can, great! It’s a fun activity for Mum, Dad and the kids and perfect for killing a few hours each day. Make it a weekly challenge to see how fast you can complete it, start small with 100 pieces and work your way up to the big 1000 piece. If you have a puzzle sealer, you can frame it once you’re done so you can see your hard work proudly hanging on the living room wall!

Little MasterChef

Baking is the new thing during quarantine. Some of us are baking banana bread whilst some of us are cooking full on three course meals. Both great. You can find fun and easy recipes for the kids to cook with you to keep them occupied whilst having fun! Mini Pancakes is a fun idea or even chocolate chip cookies. The kids will have a blast and get to eat a yummy snack afterwards.

Origami Bowling Pin

Iso life has us googling ‘how to make an origami bowling pin’ and honestly, we’re not mad about it. 10/10 recommend.

Rock out at Home

Did you know we have our own ZONE BOWLING Spotify playlist? Click here to listen! It’s perfect for the kids and can keep them rocking out at home whilst their busy colouring in their FUN ZONE Activity Pack!