The Bowling Stones: Bowling in popular music


You know a game has turned into an official sport when people start making songs in tribute.

If you thought the music scene has neglected the art of tenpin bowling, think again - there have actually been quite a few numbers in honour of the sport down the years, across a range of genres.

Here we pick out some of our favourite all-time bowling classics, along with the best lyrics from each. You might feel the urge to belt out some of these tunes at your next bowling work party, although we’re not sure how receptive your colleagues may be!

Ten Pin Bowling

Australian singer Bryan Davies helped bring bowling to the limelight in the Swinging Sixties with this cheerful little song.

It actually performed quite well on Australian charts, too. According to Talk Tenpin, the song reached 18th spot on the Top 40 chart at the peak of its popularity.

“I lost my baby at the bowling alley last night,” Davies croons throughout the song, although we certainly hope you won’t be losing anyone at your local ZONE BOWLING!

Bowling with Bedrock Barney

This is one of the lesser known songs from American punk rock band The Dickies, although that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great tune nonetheless.

And yes, it is an homage to the Flintstone’s character’s penchant for bowling, as evidenced in the lyrics themselves.

“He comes from a little town in Bedrock, just invented the wheel,” the songs begins, before going on to claim that he is “the life of the party”. You can certainly liven up your next corporate party too by hosting it at a ZONE BOWLING!

Let’s go Bowling

The Arrogant Worms are a Canadian musical comedy group, and one of their most famous songs is actually a great advertisement for the game.

If you’re stuck for ideas these holidays, you might want to listen to their advice and “grab your shoes, grab your balls and head to those heavenly halls” at the ZONE BOWLING for a round or two!