The best bowling video games


To fully enjoy a game of tenpin bowling, the most sensible option would be heading to your local alley to play a round or two.

Nothing beats the sights and sounds you can immerse yourself in at a ZONE BOWLING, from the clatter of pins being bowled over to the shiny spheres lined up on the ball racks.

There is a way you can bring at least some of that experience to your living room however, and that is through some of the bowling video games available today.

Wii Sports

Possibly the most popular form of simulation bowling on the market today, Wii Sports offers a bowling game that re-enacts the thrills of real-life alley bowling.

You use a hand-held remote to swing and throw the ball, and the technology is so advanced it can pick up nuances such as angle and spin - therefore it's a great way to practice your skills!

There is even an official world record for the most perfect bowling games scored on Wii Sports - the title holder bowled an amazing 8,550 perfect games, according to the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2011.

Kinect Sports

As Wii's main rival, Kinect Sports is another game that requires you to physically move your body as you would in a real bowling match.

Your character on the screen mirrors your every move, and you can even personalise it to match your bowling outfit.

The arm-swinging and ball-throwing involved means it’s a perfect game to get the whole family fit and healthy.

When you've honed your skills enough playing these games, head on over to a ZONE BOWLING for your next work party and a chance to show your skills!