Sunday Funday: Avoid Monday Blues | ZONE BOWLING


Everybody hates Monday-itis. It's that awful bleary feeling at the start of the week when everything seems to drag on in slow motion. The dreaded Monday morning starts with an ear-splitting alarm clock and just gets worse from there. Insert unhappy face. 

Guess what? There are ways to avoid these blues. 'Sunday Funday' can be your new anthem!

Make the most of our special offers including three games of bowling for only $15 per person ($16 for WA and SA) on Sunday evenings after 6 p.m.! Wake up with a blissful smile on Monday morning, reminiscing in the joys of the strikes from the night before!

You can turn the Sunday bowling extravaganza into a truly unique and enjoyable occasion with these snazzy ideas. Family activities can take on a whole new level of fun!

Triple threat: Three game rule

Unleash your inner competitive spirit by keeping score during the three games so that the top 2 scorers and bottom 2 scorers in each round have an epic face off in the next session. The third and final round will determine that night's triple threat winner!

Say hello to bragging rights for the rest of the week, or for those wanting to shower a lil' bit of love, consider supplying a prize so this can be a regular family tournament. 

Sunday Night Fever 

Fever night, fever night, fever! With winter around the corner, warm up with bowling as an excellent indoor activity. Get your cardio session in and work out in style while bowling or dancing in between strikes. All you music lovers can boogie along to the fun music at our bowling alleys. 

A Sunday roast to boast about 

You have been cooking all week! Leave behind the Sunday roast dramas of burnt chicken and oven-blackened vegetables by stuffing your faces with our delicious food and drinks

Book your Sunday sessions with ease online for this weekend!