Sparing a thought for the beginner: 3 mistakes to avoid


Tenpin bowling is one of the most fun and all-inclusive family activities - that's why it's so popular the world over!

Every bowler has to start somewhere, however, and at some point in your illustrious bowling career you were probably landing the ball in the gutter rather than anywhere near the actual pins. Practice makes perfect with any sport, and bowling can be mastered with some regular trips to your local ZONE BOWLING.

What are some of the most common mistakes that beginner bowlers make?

Choosing the wrong ball

With the huge choice of balls available at the bowling alley, it can be hard selecting the right one - and we're not talking about which colour to go for!

Make sure the ball you use is the right weight for you. If it's too heavy, it will be hard to get power behind the throw, while you also risk injuring your wrist and hand.

On the other hand (excuse the pun), if the ball is too light, it can be difficult to control as you now risk putting too much energy into the throw.

Looking at the wrong place

Where exactly are you meant to look when you throw the ball?

The logical answer might be to keep your eyes on the pins, as that's where you're aiming. However, if you want to look like a pro and also get some accuracy in your throw, try looking at the little arrows on the lane near the foul line, which provide a better guidance of where to aim your throw.

Having the wrong stance

If you're wondering why your ball always ends up in the gutter, your bowling stance might be incorrect.

Remember to stand square to the lane on your approach and keep this position until you release the ball to prevent it from veering off to one side.

Ready to eliminate these mistakes at your next bowling corporate party? Head down to a ZONE BOWLING with your work crew today!