Socialise without #awks moments


No matter where your friends announce their next gathering will be, there’s always the potential for awkies momes – like when someone uses a phrase such as “awkies momes” unironically. Moving on, here are five scenarios you should definitely avoid in favour of some sweet #awks-free action at ZONE BOWLING.

Pubs aren’t made for non-drinkers

There are only so many lemonades you can nurse before you feel the sugar boring into your teeth. And then there’s the task of trying to follow the thread of a story Tipsy Amy’s trying to tell you, which seems to have no internal logic or end in sight. At ZONE BOWLING there are plenty of non-alcoholic options for you, as well as a smorgasbord of group activities to keep everyone focused on something other than downing vodka, lime and sodas.

Clubs aren’t made for non-dancers

Spending the whole evening guarding your friends’ stools, jackets and bags while they dance in a circle somewhere in the multi-spotlighted distance isn’t the most exciting night out. Especially when your drink’s empty, you need to visit the restroom and there’s nobody to take over guard duty. At ZONE BOWLING, you can use your alley as a base of operations, and the only dances you need to know are victory dances.

Restaurants aren’t made for social butterflies

Overpriced restaurant food might be alright (and it might also be downright terrible), but who wants to be stuck talking to the same person through three courses? Yelling “CHANGE PLACES!” like the Mad Hatter doesn’t work either. At ZONE BOWLING, there’s so much to do and so many different areas to wander into, it’s easy to find the people you really want to talk to (or play arcade games by yourself if you need a break). The added bonus is the food is more delicious than an overpriced restaurant and much more affordable – meaning leftover cash to buy Arcade Bucks!

Sporting events aren’t made for non-fans

Ever been to a football game where you didn’t care who wins – or even worse, have no idea what the rules are? It combines the boredom of watching other people dance with the drudgery of being stuck next to one person at dinner and the dull pain of having someone spill beer on you. And the supporter scarves are $70 each. At ZONE BOWLING, you’re actually taking part in the action! You’re the sporting hero! You never know, people might pay YOU $70 for your scarf! (OK, maybe not, but you get our drift.)

Netflix and chill isn’t made for third wheels

Your friend begged you to come along while they met their new love interest ... and now they’re getting on like a house on fire while you’re stuck on the other end of the couch trying to focus really intensely on this weird doco about ‘80s toys. Even worse, they’re your lift home and show no signs of leaving till morning. At ZONE BOWLING, even if you are the number three in the crowd, you’ll never be stuck with a whole night of necking lovebirds. They can drink one milkshake with two straws while you enjoy a whole world of entertaining diversions, from the arcade games to bowling.