Say what? 5 weird bowling terms you haven't heard before


If you're a regular at ZONE BOWLING, you might have overheard the more experienced bowlers use some pretty baffling words and phrases.

Indeed, the language of tenpin bowling can be as colourful as the balls themselves. So if you want to sound like a real pro at your next bowling work party, make sure you brush up on these five quirky bowling terms!

"Dutch 200"

A Dutch 200 has nothing to do with the European country. Instead, it refers to when a bowler consistently alternates between scoring a spare and a strike for the entire match.

Done right, this will result in an exact score of 200.


Sandbaggers are some of the sneakiest bowlers around and you may encounter one at your local bowling league.

Basically they are bowlers who play poorly on purpose to lower their average score and achieve an easier handicap!


In addition to being a delicious sandwich filler, turkey is also a bowling feat where you score three strikes in a row.

There are different variants as well, such as the Wild Turkey (six strikes in a row) and the Golden Turkey (nine in a row).

"Greek church"

A Greek church in tenpin bowling is anything but holy. It's just a very specific type of split, where you end up with two pins on one side and three on the other.

"Brooklyn strike"

If you really want to impress your mates, you might want to have a go at mastering the Brooklyn strike.

This is when you get a strike after the ball hits the head pin from the opposite side to your throwing hand. So for right handers, the ball will strike the head pin from the left side.

Once you've added these terms to your bowling lingo, you can have a go at showing off your new-found knowledge at your nearest ZONE BOWLING!