Record breakers in the world of bowling


Bowling is a sport for all ages and capabilities, and is one of the best ways to have a fun night out.

Whether it's a bunch of kids having a birthday party, a group of work mates relaxing on Friday night or a couple on a date, there's always a good social vibe at a bowling alley.

However, some people take the game a little more seriously - and it's not always just the pros.

There's a huge list of bowling achievements in the Guinness World Records for various feats.

Have a look at some of these keen bowlers who have made their mark in the annals of bowling history!

Youngest Tenpin Bowling World Champion

This honour is currently held by Paeng Nepomuceno from the Philippines, who won the 1976 Bowling World Cup in Iran at the tender age of 19.

Looks like he'd been racking up plenty of practice at birthday parties then!

Most Bowling Strikes in a Minute

Many of us would be content with even just one strike in a game of bowling, let alone in one minute.

Not American Colin Champion, though - back in 2011, he scored eight strikes in the space of a minute.

And he only needed ten throws to set the record!

Most Concrete Blocks Broken on the Head with a Bowling Ball

Yes, you read that right - who says a bowling ball is just for rolling?

John Ferraro from the United States felt compelled to let an assistant drop a bowling ball onto a set of concrete blocks on his head, and the pair managed to break 45 blocks to earn their place in the Guinness World Records.

Don't try this one at home though!