Qubica Stringpins at ZONE BOWLING Castle Hill


For years, families and enthusiasts have frequented ZONE BOWLING’s more than 40 venues across Australia and New Zealand to test their skill and try their luck at a game or two of ten pin bowling. With the ever evolving landscape of the sport, ZONE BOWLING has looked to the future and is installing their first Qubica, TMS stringsetter technology in Sydney’s ZONE BOWLING Castle Hill.

Now you may be thinking, pins on strings? Surely that is a bit old fashioned… well funnily enough this is new technology and not only provides continuous bowling entertainment, but also provides a system that has less breakdowns per frame compared to the majority of pinsetting systems in Australia.

Not only does the system make for a better bowling experience, but it also allows our team to be safe when they are maintaining our venues. ZONE BOWLING team members are all part of our wider family and we want to ensure that everyday when they step foot in venues across the country, they can leave the way they started the day.

If you ever did stop and wonder how after bowling your third strike in a row, how exactly those little wooden pins always seem to make it back into their spot, then you would be happy to know that the string pin technology makes it even easier to understand thanks to the quieter system and the lack of moving parts, which is backed up thanks to the automatic untangle mode that instantly engages when the machines senses a problem.

Surprisingly enough, the TMS system even incorporates the latest electronic intelligence that features some of the latest LCD displays that help our maintenance team get down to the nitty gritty so bowlers can get back to finishing off that 7-10 split.

So if you’re a Castle Hill local or you are ever in the area and feel like taking to the lanes, we want you to get into venue and put this new technology to the test because that’s the only way you will ever work out that it’s Qubica technology and not tiny ten pin elfs setting your pins after every frame!