Nail that strike next time you're ten-pin bowling


We've all been there before - you send a rocket of a ball bursting down the lane and it explodes into the pins like a football into your neighbour's new glass conservatory. You leap triumphantly into the air to celebrate another strike only to look back and see a solo pin standing there, mocking you as it refuses to drop.

"Nice try buster," it seems to be taunting, "better luck next time!"

Don't let those smarmy pins mock you anymore. Get set to impress with these tips for perfecting your technique and bowling a strike every time*

Put the ball in your pocket

No, not your pants pocket, the one between pins. Bowling a strike isn't about hitting the front pin (one-pin) dead on. You're actually aiming for the 'pocket,' just to the left or right of the one-pin, depending on which hand you bowl with. Right handers aim between the one-pin and the pin to its right, left-handers aim the other side.

Lighten up

Yeah, you look hella tough chucking a monster ball down the lanes, but it's not helping your game. Pick a lighter ball for two reasons: Firstly, you'll be able to bowl faster. Secondly, you're more likely to knock the pins into each other, rather than up in the air, which often happens with heavier balls.

The right approach

Never mind Fred Flinstone's toe-top technique, the proper bowling approach uses four steps. Righties, start on your right foot and lefties vice-versa. Your second-to-last step is your 'power step' - you should be bending your leg on this step, ready to give the ball a strong launch down the lane. Remember to release the ball at the bottom of your downward swing - too early or too late and you can kiss your chances of a strike goodbye.

Now that you know the proper technique, it's time to book a lane at ZONE BOWLING and get practicing!

*Obviously not every time, otherwise you'd be a pro and likely stinking rich!