Mother's Day in Isolation


Mother's Day in Isolation

Mother’s Day is heading our way… But what to do during lockdown?! Luckily, having fun with your Mum just needs you to get a little bit creative to figure out what makes her tick. Here’s how to treat your Mum to a great Mother’s Day – without even leaving the house!

The Sporty Mum

Traits: She’s an outdoorsy type who loves being active and having adventures. She’s probably raced (and beat) you to the finish line, and when she must choose between chilling on the couch or surfing, she’s already on the beach!

Tricks: Recreate some sporty arcade classics at home and challenge your Mum to a Winner Takes All round of games:

  • Basketball Hoops: find something hooplike (bend a wire clothes hanger if you must), decorate it with hanging ribbons, hang it up on a door or tree, rustle up a ball (or empty tin, or round plushie) and challenge your Mum to shoot some trick shots. Make a list: standing on one leg, backwards, blindfolded, while lying on the ground.
  • Air Hockey: clean kitchen table smoothed with some talcum powder? Check.
    Roundish puck-shaped thingy? Check.
    Two working hands? Check.
    The goal: keeping the puck on the table always – whenever it goes off, from whichever side, it’s a goal. That should provide plenty of exercise!
  • Bowling: Find ten empty bottles and stack them in ten pin bowling formation at the end of a long corridor, driveway or walkway in your garden. You need a heavier ball for bowling, but you could mix it up with different round objects to add some fun.
  • Laser tag: Build a maze in your house or garden, hand your Mum a water gun, and start running!

Treats: Make sure to keep score – but also make sure that your Mum wins… Because Mother’s Day, duh! Treat her to her favourite meal (you cook or order in), a shoulder massage, foot rub and a Gift Card to Zone Bowling to try all the active stuff for real when the lockdown is over!

The Arty Mum

Traits: Music, dancing, movies, art… This Mum loves all forms of creative expression and sharing fun times with the people she loves.

Tricks: Get creative – keep in mind what she loves, and then go all in!

  • Dance Dance Revolution: Dance Dance Revolution is perfect for Mums who love music and movement. First, create a Mum Dance Playlist on Spotify, and make sure her favourite tunes are on it. Then, google some weird and wonderful trending dance moves… Think Gen Z. Think TikTok. Think Blinding Lights by the Weekend #tiktokdances. Challenge your Mum to a proper dance-off where each of you must do a specific move to a tune she loves. (Warning: your Mum is probably WAY better than you think she is…)
  • Karaoke: turn your living room into a full-on karaoke room! Decorate it with anything bright and shiny, from Christmas tree tinsel and ribbons to glitter balls and mirrors. Dim the lights, put on a playlist of awesome karaoke hits and join your Mum in belting out her favourite tunes.
  • Dress Up Day: suss out what kind of dress-up theme your Mum would love, then arrange a whole-family dress-up day for Mother’s Day. No jokes. And no, it’s not lame – this day is about your Mum, not you, so put on that 80s wig and give your Mum a hug!

Treats: Remember to make sure that there are loads of yummy things to eat and drink – your Mum’s favourites, of course. And take plenty of pics!

The Cuddly Caring Mum

Traits: This Mum just loves to make the lives of others easier, whether it’s through cooking delicious meals, nursing you through a fever or lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. She works hard, and sometimes doesn’t have a lot of time for herself…

Tricks: Mother’s Day should be ALL about relaxing for a Cuddly Caring Mum. Don’t let her do any of the work herself!

  • Cook her breakfast (and lunch, and dinner): you can theme each meal, like, make breakfast a Bowling themed one. Cut Bowling Pin shapes from the toast and make the fried egg look like a bowling ball …Or decorate cupcakes with Laser Guns!
  • Build her a nest on the couch: with soft blankets and some choice plushies from your own collection. Put her favourite movie on TV, place the book she’s reading within easy reach, make her some hot chocolate and cuddle her!
  • Keep the day quiet with no quarrels and questions: you know where the food is if you need to eat! And every so often, pop in to tell your Mum you adore her.

The Geeky Mum

Traits: She regularly kicks your butt at video games, understand Minecraft better than you do and has a collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. She loves geeky stuff and isn’t scared to play Jurassic Park at Zone Bowling… In fact, bring on the dinosaurs!

Tricks: Whatever you do for her, add some in-jokes and geeky references to the things she loves. Show that you’ve really put some thought into it!

  • Treasure Hunt: hide gifts and trinkets around your house and garden, create a treasure map and set of clues, and get your Mum to spend the day hunting for presents and treats while solving clues. Kind of like Pokémon Go!, but more your Mum collecting all the things that show you love her.

Treats: Themed snacks and drinks will go a long way to put a smile on a geeky Mum’s face. Butterbeer, anyone?

Whatever you choose to do for your Mum this Mother’s Day, remember to make it clear that she’s incredi-bowl. Make the whole day about her, treat her with her favourite things and give her time to rest and relax. And add a Zone Bowling Gift Card to her presents – she can always redeem if for a fun day out at Zone Bowling when we can all escape our homes again!