More bowling pick-up lines to try


Romance isn't the easiest. Sure you can spot that special someone from afar as you cower in the shadows, but actually approaching them and beginning the winding road to love is a pretty tricky affair. Last year we brought you a list of some of our favourite bowling-themed pick-up lines. How did the dating go? Did they work? Do you want some more? It sounds like you want some more.

OK, you've twisted our arm - here are more romantic lines to use at your next bowling work party to ensure you have the perfect game.

  1. They say bowling is 90 per cent mental. I'll probably have to quit then, because my mind is 100 per cent focused on you.
  2. You know who else gets clean sheets? Me. You should see them some time.
  3. That ball may not have curved much, but you've still hooked me.
  4. Now you've seen my address, how about you give me yours and I pick you up at 8? 
  5. My friends always tell me the approach is the most important part of bowling, so I walked over here to talk to you.
  6. How was that entry angle? I could show you some more later if you'd like. 
  7. Are you a pinsetter? Because you've swept me off my feet.
  8. Do you have a spare minute? I'd like to buy you a drink.
  9. You know I think if you and I were to play together, we'd have a ball.
  10. It's OK if you didn't get any strikes in a row - you're the real bagger.

Go forth, citizens of singledom, and attempt to not horribly strike out.

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