Love is in the Spare: 3 reasons why bowling makes a great first date


The first date - it's one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking prospects for any young man.

To make sure your first encounter with your date goes off without a hitch and you really wow her, you should choose a unique and fun activity. A dinner followed by a cheesy rom-com just doesn't cut it anymore - there are so many better ways to get her heart racing!

So why not try one of the most popular Australian family activities, tenpin bowling? Here are three reasons why a trip to a ZONE BOWLING is a great first date idea.

1. Get the ball rolling with conversation

Have you ever been stuck in a boring movie with a ladyfriend, just wishing you could get out of there and actually talk to her?

A game of tenpin bowling is the perfect all-inclusive first date activity - you can chat with her, share a few drinks and snacks and engage in some friendly competition.

Make sure you have some interesting conversation topics up your sleeve so you really 'strike' an impression!

2. Chance to show off your gallantry

A round of bowling is the perfect opportunity to show your date that chivalry is far from dead.

From the moment you hold the door open for her as you enter the bowling alley, there are ample chances to show your gentlemanly side and make her feel special. Lead her to the counter and pay for the game with the pre-purchased vouchers you bought online, and make sure you treat her to her favourite drink.

And remember that a gentleman never gloats, so tone it down even if you do manage to get a strike. You can always save your moonwalk celebration for when you're with your mates!

3. Is there a sexier sport?

There's hardly a sport out there that's as deceptively simple but likely to get you and your partner hot under the collar.

As you flex your muscles and take turns bowling down those pins, it's hard not to feel a little flustered!

Ready for a fun date? Bring your lucky lady down to an ZONE BOWLING for a night out that's sure to impress!