Leaping into leap year


You may have noticed that an extra day has snuck its way into 2016.

The leap year was invented to keep our calendar in sync with the rotation of the Earth and the seasons. It actually takes about 365.24 days for the Earth to go around the sun, so without leap day, your calendar would be 24 days behind in just a century. The Roman ruler Julius Caesar noticed this problem, and came up with the leap year in around 46 B.C.

But for the lucky few who were born on the February 29 (also known as 'Leaplings,') leap years are important for another reason - your birthday was on the calendar this week! Since you've had to wait four times as long as everyone else, do something special this year and come up with some great ideas for your leap day birthday party.

Did you know...?

Leap-day is also significant for the single ladies among us, who have special permission to take hold of the reins and propose to their men. Not that you need it, right girls? The custom was supposedly invented by Queen Margaret of Scotland, at just five years of age, who must have already been thinking ahead for her future.

Traditionally, women who were proposing had to to wear either breeches or a red petticoat. If they were rejected, they probably received some consolation from all the new clothes they received in return. Upon refusing, men were required to make it up to the lady by giving her either 12 pairs of gloves, a silk dress or a kiss. The gloves were meant to prevent embarrassment by hiding the empty ring finger on her hand. Talk about being let down easy - these days a girl has to go and hide her Facebook relationship status instead.

But don't be discouraged, a survey by jeweller William May reveals that 66 per cent of men believe that it's fine for women to propose. So why not take a leap of faith regardless of the day of the year?

Celebrate leap day in style

Whether or not it's your birthday or engagement, leap day only comes around once every four years, so it is the perfect opportunity to use the week to celebrate. With the frog being the official leap day representative, what better way to honour the occasion than by leaping through lasers with an exciting game of laser tag, or by challenging your friends to a round of ten pin bowling. There are a variety of fun activities at ZONE BOWLING, so come and see us this week for all your leap day festivities.