Laser Tag vs Tenpin Bowling: Which is Better? | ZONE BOWLING


Holden vs. Ford, Sharks vs Rabbitohs, laser tag vs. tenpin bowling.

They're all the great arguments of our time, and it's clear that some of them will simply never come to a tidy conclusion (especially not Game of Thrones, we're looking at you George R.R. Martin). The one that we can weigh in on, however, is laser tag versus bowling. With years of keeping the two under the same roof, we have a few arguments for each game that might sway you to pick a favourite.

The argument for laser tag

Just like a good thriller film, laser tag offers plenty of heart-racing moments - without ever actually being in danger. You'll slink around corners in the dark, trying to locate your enemies without being seen yourself. Will someone be there waiting for you? Who will get shot first? Laser tag is a good way to put a scare into yourself without risking anything more than screaming like a little girl when you get a fright.

When you play laser tag, you'll need your running shoes and something you can move in. By the time you leave the arena, you can bet you'll be all fired up and completely worn out from running and hiding so much. It's a great workout, so you won't even have to go to the gym that day!

As much as we love our friends, sometimes you might just have a small grudge against them. Perhaps they borrowed your pen and never gave it back, or let slip an important spoiler from your favourite TV show ... laser tag is a wonderful way to enjoy a little revenge by hunting them down in the dark with a laser gun!

The argument for bowling

'Lucky strikes' are few and far between, which means any bowl that hits home is one to be celebrated. If you bowl a strike, it means you have full rights to brag about it at least until the next person manages it. In addition to this, if you do something awesome, everyone can see exactly what you did.

Bowling is very much about socialising. You can't all bowl at once, so you get to eat, drink and chat with your mates in between turns, which is a good way to catch up with friends and family you haven't seen in a while.

They say that there's no such thing as too much of a good thing, and when it comes to bowling, the games tend to take much longer. And longer games means more time spent having fun!

So what's it to be - do you prefer laser tag or bowling?