Lane Manners: Do you know your bowling etiquette?


A game of bowling can provide bags of fun for people of practically any age.

However, it would pay to remember that you're not the only person out to enjoy themselves, and to retain a high level of consideration for everyone else at your local ZONE BOWLING.

Whether you're down at the alley for a work party or just some weekend family fun, there are some golden etiquette rules you have to keep in mind - here are just a few of them!

Don't take too long.

It's perfectly fine to limber up, stretch your fingers and spend a moment to take aim once you step up to the approach.

However, don't take any more time than necessary. Dallying on the approach will only slow the game down for everyone and infuriate your team bowling mates!

But don't rush either.

On the other hand, a game of bowling isn't a sprint race - there's no need to rush!

You should always wait until the pinsetters have finished laying the pins for your round, for example.

Don’t distract the bowler on the approach.

Just like golf, bowling is a sport in which the players need plenty of focus and concentration for every single shot.

Whenever a bowler is on the approach, make sure you stay in the designated seating area out of their line of sight, and don't make any distracting noises or movements.

Don't use another bowler's ball.

Most bowlers like having one ball they stick to for the entire duration of the game.

You should always respect their preferences by choosing your own ball to use throughout. If you find the one you chose isn’t really working for you, head back to the rack and find another.

Give way.

Did you know there's an official order in which multiple bowlers on the approach should throw their balls?

The player on the lane to your right has the right of way - let them bowl first before making your move.

Are you ready to show off your exemplary bowling manners? Head down to an ZONE BOWLING today!