International Day of People with Disability


On Friday 2 December, ZONE BOWLING celebrated International Day of People with Disability and opened their doors for a day of bowling and entertainment! This was the third year ZONE BOWLING had celebrated the Internationally recognised day, with an opening ceremony kicking off events from 11am.

Venues in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland saw big groups popping in and getting involved in the sport, with those living with a disability and their carers, bowling down more pins than we could count. The day was a big success with 289 disability groups visiting this year and more than 1,500 individual bowlers playing more than 2,500 games!

ZONE BOWLING Blacktown was fortunate to be visited by the Deputy Mayor who kicked off preceding and had this to say about the event:

It was very generous of ZONE BOWLING to do this kind of free activity to celebrate International Day of People with a Disability; with ZONE BOWLING’s involvement things can only improve for those affected. Blacktown City can only be a better place if companies follow your examples and give something back as you have done we are very proud to be associated with your company.”

Tony Bleasdale, Deputy mayor BCC.

 Check out some of the pictures from the event below: