How to save time and use it like a boss!


'Make time fly, throw your watch out the window.'

We're not really sure who said that, but it was most likely someone famous. Whoever they were they clearly didn't understand just how valuable time is (or how expensive a watch is).

We at ZONE BOWLING, on the other hand, know exactly how precious your time is. You're living in a modern world. You've got people to see and video games to play. That's why we've made it quick and easy to book your bowling and Laser Skirmish games online. Just drop by to the website, pick your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre and in a few clicks you'll have your game booked, quicker than a student running to make the last 10 minutes of happy hour.

Now that you've your bowling sorted, how do you make sure you use all that time you save like an absolute boss? Here are some ideas.

Master a martial art: When you think about it, karate, kung-fu and all those other martial arts are mainly just show - swinging your arms around in circles and making lots of loud 'hoy-yah' sounds. How hard can it really be? Watch a few videos online and then when you meet your mates at ZONE BOWLING you can wow them with your new skills.

Write a blockbuster movie: OK, you may need to book a few games of bowling to save up the time needed for this one but, again, it's pretty straightforward. Explosions - check. Bruce Willis or Dwayne Johnson - Check. Bad guy with a foreign accent - check. There, we've given you all the ingredients, you just need to fill in the smaller details. Don't forget us when collecting your Oscar.

Create a new flavour of ice-cream: This could make you millions. Take all the ice-cream in your freezer and anything else sugary that you think might make ice-cream better - lemonade, biscuits, chocolate, etc. - and set about mixing and matching to create a new flavour. It's trial and error, but persevere and you could create magic.

Now go out there and be positively boss-like with all that free time you now have!