How to make the most of weekends as summer winds down


How was your summer holiday? It's hard to try to get yourself into school mode when you're coming down from the fresh freedom of summer. But alas, the time draws near, and we do indeed need to say goodbye to everyone's favourite season. Of course, that doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to all the fun! In fact, you're going to need all the fun you can get!

Need something to look forward to on the weekends? Well, we think we can help with that! Here's a list of all the fun tournaments you can start with your friends on the weekend at your local ZONE BOWLING centre. 

1. Arcade tournaments 

We bet all of your friends think they're respectively the best arcade player amongst your crew, correct? Well, why not host a weekly tournament to prove who the best of the best really are. Go all out and make up a whole leaderboard and bracket that you can change up week to week. Even include a trophy for the winner to take home each week. High scores are listed on the ZONE BOWLING website too, so this really is the ultimate prize as the victor extends past your friend group!  

2. Laser tag tournaments 

Make some teams and stick to them for the upcoming season. Each weekend you can take to the laser tag arena and duke it out to see who has the best accuracy with their shots, or even who has the coolest trick shots. You and your friends can even choose to practice after classes if you want to get a leg up on the teams. This could turn into a pretty fierce rivalry if you play your cards right. 

3. Bowling tournaments 

We can't leave out the bowling tournaments, of course! Which of your friends can get the most strikes, or who is the most likely to get a gutter ball? You'll see your skills improve week to week so you never know who is going to come out on top. If you get good enough, it might even be a cool thing for you to join a professional league as well! 

The best part about these weekend activities is that you don't have to pick just one - you can do all three each weekend! Come play at your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre and you'll feel like summer never left.