How do I choose the correct Bowling Ball for me?


As you enter the bowling lane area, you'll be faced with racks of bowling balls, each different in size and colour. So, before you bowl that first strike, how do you find out which ball is right for you?

Consideration 1: A comfortable weight

One of the first things that you'll encounter at Zone Bowling is that all the balls have a different weight. Technically speaking, there is no hard and fast rule around which ball weight is best for you; the only element to consider is comfort.

Remember that you don't want a ball that is so heavy that you can't lift it nor it's difficult to control when swinging.

Pick up a ball with your bowling hand and, using your other hand for support, see if you can hold it comfortably for around 5 seconds. Do this until you find a ball that you are comfortable holding and moving around. In a family group, parents should help the kids get a ball that suits their strength and size - Zone Bowling Funsquad can help with this process.

Consideration 2: The right finger grips

Once you have the right ball weight, you'll need to ensure that your fingers can comfortably fit and grip inside the holes. In the same way that we provide different weighted balls, the size of the finger grips will also vary across what's available. And the best way to find your perfect fit is to test, and then test again!

Place your thumb, middle finger and ring ringer into the holes and see how easily you can insert and remove them from the ball. A solid grip is vital for accurate bowling, but too tight or loose and your control will be limited. You should be able to insert your fingers up to the second knuckle - known as the 'conventional grip'.

Consideration 3: The right colour

While the fact that your bowling ball is pink, green or blue won't really have an impact on your performance, we have a wide variety of coloured balls for you and your family to choose from. 

Perhaps get everyone to choose a different colour, design or pattern to make sure there is no confusion on the rack - we don't want any arguments over people using someone else's ball!

Now it's time to get bowling!

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