How to be the best kind of winner


If you're someone who's signed up to ZONE BOWLING's Roller membership program and has taken advantage of the cheap deals, there's a good chance you're pretty amazing at the sport. Better than your friends, even. If this is the case, what's the bet you trounce them every time - knocking your score into the triple digits whilst they trail behind without breaking 100?

In order to celebrate properly and to let them know just how happy it makes you that you're amazing, try out some of these victory moves the next time you go bowling.

Awww, freak out!

The best time to freak out is if you do one of two things: Either come back to win from a horrible losing streak, or get a better score than ever before. First, start waving your arms in the air, making sure to get those jazz hands going. Next, start moving your feet. Quickly bouncing from one to the other like you're on hot coals works best. Finally, start shaking your head in a circular motion and begin emitting some kind of vocal noise akin to yelling. You can also couple this with running around in circles, though always keep your jazz hands going.

You win, the musical

When that strike falls down for the third time in a row, the lights turn out. A spotlight shines down upon you as you wear a glittering suit (which has suddenly appeared), wielding a microphone. Suddenly a big band begins playing, with trumpets and piano galore. Dance around the room, leap onto the backs of the couches and sing your way through the crowd. A group of background dancers will probably join in - don't be alarmed, it's part of the process. Use rhymes such as, 'It ain't no sin that I win," and 'I'm feeling perky, I just got a turkey." 

Forward flip

Everybody looks a little cooler after they forward flip. Enough said.