How to act on bowling's most emotional moments


Bowling isn't all about winning. Sometimes there are moments that hurt or cause heartache. In these moments, you can either vow to improve and sign up to the ZONE BOWLING Roller program for cheap deals (and then play constantly until you're the best), or you can embrace the pain and act on it. Sometimes the best therapy for dismay is to not bottle it up, right? Here are ways you can show everyone your true feelings.


As the ball starts rolling towards the gutter, reach out to grasp its shiny splendour and bend it back into the pins. When that doesn't work, freeze. As slow-paced violin music begins to play in the background, drop to your knees and cry out, rain beginning to fall on your face. You can hype this up even further if you get more than one gutter ball, ranging from gunshot wounds to eventual (fake) death.

All split up

The fabled split. When each of the back corner pins remain perfectly still as the rest scatter about. It seems almost incomprehensible that they could still be standing - everything else went flying! Regardless, the fact is they are and you have to deal with it. The only way to express these emotions is to rip your shirt off in a fit of rage. The tearing fibres will accurately represent both the gash in your heart and the splitting of the pins. 

When you get 9 but then miss the last one

There are few things more frustrating than missing the last pin. If this happens to you, the only way you can possibly represent the annoyance is if your body physically explodes. A big explosion. With fire. Everyone will be too dazed and confused to remember you missed the shot, and you'll be too exploded to care. Caution is advised, however, as this action may cause your opponents to see you as a sore loser, which is never a good thing if you want to play with them again.