Heres how to make sure your Valentines Day doesnt end up in the gutter


What's your idea of a romantic Valentine's Day evening? Fancy restaurant and ballet, or Netflix and chill? How about neither because you can do better than that. 

Well, here at ZONE BOWLING we don't think there's a better date idea than an evening at the lanes! We might be biased of course, but we've got three good reasons as to why it can't get any better than this. See if you agree with us by the end of this article!

1. You can order a delicious meal

Okay, a nice meal is a quintessential part of a good Valentine's date, so you can't mess this up. But you don't need fancy escargot or fillet mignon to impress your date. All you really need is good old fashioned comfort food to get the heart beating a little faster! Our new menu has just the treats you're looking for as well. Smoky Memphis wings, Italian meatball sliders, Aussie hot dog and a mango berry pavlova slider for dessert.

Mouth watering yet? There's no disappointing your date with this meal, that's for sure!

2. Create memories getting your competition on

Now it's time for a little bit of competition - couples need to challenge each other after all, don't they? Bowling is also the perfect activity if you're doing a double date for Valentine's Day! Take on the opposing couple, or switch up the teams and do girls versus guys. Either way, you're going to leave with memories to last a lifetime, or at least until next Valentine's Day.

3. You can commemorate the evening with a giant stuffed animal

Remember the good old days when your date could knock a pile of milk cans over and bestow you with the winnings, usually a giant stuffed bear? Well, this notion of chivalry hasn't gone anywhere! Winning a giant stuffed animal for your mate is still pretty darn romantic. And you can do this right at the bowling lanes as well! Head on over to the arcade and take on some of the newest arcade games, or try your luck at the more classic titles. 

If you want to impress your date, you won't just win the biggest stuffed animal in the joint, you'll get the high score too! Perhaps it's worth heading to the arcade to practice a couple of rounds before the big night?

Take your date to ZONE BOWLING, and you'll be guaranteed at least one strike in the evening - the strike of a good, fun date, that is. Contact us today to reserve your lane for Valentine's Day today!