Great bowling moments on TV


As one of the world's most popular and enjoyable sports, tenpin bowling has left an indelible mark on popular culture.

There have been a range of classic films and songs that have revolved around the family-friendly game, and some of the most popular television shows over the years have also featured tenpin bowling!

What are some of our favourite shows to have brought bowling to life on the screen?

The Simpsons

One of the world's longest-running cartoons actually has quite a history with tenpin bowling.

It begins with a classic episode from the show's first ever season, in which Marge takes up bowling lessons only to be almost seduced by Jacques, her suave French instructor.

The sport is also a recurring feature throughout the series, making several appearances in the form of the 'Pin Pals' - Homer's bowling team which also consists of Moe, Apu and even his boss, Mr. Burns.

The Flintstones

Who can ever forget the exploits of Fred 'Twinkletoes' Flintstones in this popular cartoon series?

The prehistoric bowling shenanigans of Fred, his best friend Barney Rubble and their team, the Water Buffaloes, are one of the hallmarks of this classic cartoon.

Moreover, the show might provide conclusive evidence that bowling is a sport that dates back to ancient times!

The Honeymooners

Ralph Kramden, the main character of this wildly popular 50s sitcom, was also a huge fan of tenpin bowling.

In fact, one of the show's first episodes features Ralph about to show off his skills down at the alley - only for his thumb to get stuck in the ball and swell up.

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