Give the gift of fun with a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card


What do you get for the person who has everything? It's a question you're probably asking yourself as we creep closer and closer to Christmas. We all know somebody who is an absolute pain to buy for, and as a result we too often have to turn to the sad and cliche gifts; the socks, pencil cases and gimmicky novelties. But not this year!

Give your buddies the gift of a great time, and make the celebrations even better when it comes time to redeem. Yes, we're talking gift cards, and here are a few reasons you should pick yours up from ZONE.

Use it anywhere

The great thing about a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card is that can be used whenever and wherever you'd like. Take it on holiday when you visit Tasmania and check into ZONE Moonah, or maybe save it for that night out with the lads or lasses that's planned for next year. The card is valid for 12 months, so there's no rush. There are so many ways to redeem, but you can also use the card at Kingpin venues, which opens up another full set of places to have a great time while drinking, partying and bowling.

Choose the value

How much do you really like that hard-to-buy-for friend? Are they a $20 acquaintance, or a $150 best mate? For these and everything else in between, a gift card lets you choose how much you want to spend. Plus, if it's for a special someone, you can always go in with a few relatives or friends and get a gift card with enough spending power to make an absolutely awesome night. Rent out a private room, get yourself a few hours of laser tag or simply give yourself a good chance of (finally) winning something from that crane machine in the arcade! It'll happen... eventually. 

It's low-risk

Buying a present is a pretty stressful thing when you think about it. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they hate me? These are all questions we've asked ourselves while thumbing a catalogue or browsing the selection at the nearest mega-store. It's just not worth it, and to be realistic, if you don't know someone well enough to immediately have a great gift in mind, you're far better of giving them an experience. That way, it's never going to be swapped in, sold online or left under the bed for 27 years.

Give a gift card this Christmas and we'll see you in the new year!