Give a bowling gift: Make up a fake special occasion


The kudos you get when you give someone a present of a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card are pretty great. You tend to jump the ranks and be classified as the most awesome friend, partner or colleague ever.

Let's be honest, it is such an amazing gift and if someone gave you one, you'd probably think that was pretty much an incredible human being.

There are loads of occasions throughout the year which are ideal opportunities to share the fun of ten-pin bowling and Laser Skirmish - birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, mother's day and father's day. But if none of those occasions are coming up and you feel like earning some brownie points, you could always make up a fake special occasion as an excuse to give someone a ZONE BOWLING gift card.

Special occasions for your partner

There are any number of fake occasions you could make up for your partner. How about your 'quarter of a year' anniversary? Or maybe 'six months since we cooked that epic lasagne'? You could make up a 'tell your partner why they rock' day (added bonus: your partner tells you why you're great) or 'blondes are the best' day (or whatever hair colour your partner has).

Special occasions for colleagues

In a work context it might be better to frame the gift as an award rather than a special occasion. You could give out the 'best joke at the boss's expense without him noticing' award. Or the most improved at looking busy without actually being busy' award. Maybe someone in the office deserves the 'stinkiest lunch' award. Get your thinking cap on - there are tonnes of cool award ideas that deserve a bowling prize!

Whatever fake occasion you make up, the important thing is that when the lucky gift card recipient cashes in their card, they take you along to ZONE BOWLING with them.