Getting the family active for Exercise Right Week


May 26-30 brings Exercise Right Week to Australia - an incentive for Australians to get more active and to pay more attention to their health and fitness levels.

Ensuring that your family maintains a healthy lifestyle is of the upmost importance, and exercise is a way to incorporate this in daily life. The gym can be a daunting place for many of us which, along with lifestyle, our jobs and other things that tend to get in the way, can prevent us from ensuring we are getting the right amount of exercise.

But exercise can be fun! Here are some exciting options to get you and your family out of the house and enjoying physical activities.


The constant movement involved in bowling, whether it's picking up the heavy bowling balls, throwing them with full force down the lane or even jumping in joy as your team gains yet another strike, makes the sport a great activity, especially if your goal is weight loss. The continuous bending, flexing and utilising different muscles is also brilliant for building strength. Because it's so fun, bowling is a game that the whole family will will enjoy - and they won't even know it's beneficial to their health!


Take the kids down to the local aquatic centre to practice diving, swimming and even just to charge up the stairs and down the water slides! Release your inner child, and join in as they run wild around the centre. You won't realise you're exercising as the whole family laughs and frolics in the water - the most difficult part will be getting the children out when it's time to go home.


​There are plenty of playlands all over the country that get kids ducking and diving and crawling and climbing - an intense workout by most standards! Take your children and a few of their friends to your local playland and let them charge off in all directions for an entire afternoon. Not necessarily a workout for you as you relax in the cafe area, but we're sure you'll be happy sitting this one out and enjoying the peace.