Get your explorer face on 'cause its time for a Treasure Hunt through our new website!


It's been exciting times here at ZONE BOWLING! We have been developing a brand spanking new website to help all of you be the champions of fun online as well as on the bowling lanes. 

The new and improved website will bowl you over with a spectacular range of added features. Are you ready to wander the web and seek out the treasures of this jazzed-up site?

Well, grab your trusty smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer screen - it won't matter what equipment you bring on this hunt because the new website will morph to suit that device's size for an easy-to-access and user-friendly experience.

Unleash your inner explorer and click away! It's time for a ZONE BOWLING adventure. 

Traverse the treasure hunt 

First, we will venture through the scrummy Food and Beverage section. No journey can start on an empty stomach! 

Food, glorious food awaits you, sure to make your mouth water with a list of our tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Downloadable menus are only a click away, and you'll be licking your lips when you discover the range of new food choices and platter selections on offer.

Once your tummy is full and your energy levels are relenished, it's time to take this burst of power to the new Laser Skirmish page. Storm through the arena as you prepare for some epic sprints, rolls, ducks and laser aims, all just a simple online booking away. 

For those of you who are regular adventurers in the realm of ZONE BOWLING, there's a chest of buried treasure awaiting you in the form of an easier e-sign up for our improved Roller Club.

You can dig up gold and reap the benefits such as the 1-2-FREE program, where we shout you a free game when you book two separate visits online. Best of all, here at ZONE BOWLING we want to treat Roller Club members like royalty on their birthday and we will gift two free games to the birthday guy or gal. Hip, hip, hooray! 

To add to this treasure chest of perks, the new website also has better venue pages that will tell you all about special offers specific to our locations, in addition to the time and date you plan to roll on over. Make the most of these deals so your bank balance grins from ear to ear, just like you will once you slam out strikes and ace the arcades. 

Speaking of arcades, our next step in the treasure hunt is to travel to the new Arcades page, complete with game reviews and high scores so you can navigate the different arcade machines and be the Kings and Queens of Arcadia. 

Now, we have come to end of our treasure hunt. But every explorer keeps evidence of their discoveries, marking the steps taken on a treasure map or building a scrapbook. You can do exactly the same thanks to our new social media website features. 

Get your Instagram filters ready and your fingers ready to tweet, because we have made a special hashtag to keep your social media game strong. Just use #BowlitOff for all your glorious pictures on the bowling lanes or at Laser Skirmish - you're likely to see your lovely faces pop up on our @ZONEbowling Instagram account and website social section!

We can't wait to see you!

Whether you're seeking the thrills of the bowling lane or our Laser Skirmish arena, head on over and make an online booking at a centre near you. Our rich media galleries show photographic memories of many ZONE BOWLING adventurers, bringing to life the experience of visiting an ZONE BOWLING Centre. Add to the gallery and race over to a ZONE BOWLING centre for some truly spectacular, enjoyable games.