Get inspired to bowl better


When you walk into your local ZONE BOWLING centre, glance at your name on the scoreboard and pick up your chosen ball, there's a good chance you know you're about to do really well. You can see all the moves in front of you, like a waltz you've danced a thousand times. You begin the approach, swing your arm back, take that final step and release - launching yourself to victory. Oh ... you only knocked one down as your ball guttered. Suddenly you remember you're not actually very good at bowling. Yet! 

Sign up to ZONE BOWLING's Roller membership program to get cheap entry whenever you'd like, alongside other benefits, and start practising your moves. It's time you made yourself a better bowler, committed to a discipline and kept yourself off that couch, being social at the same time. Let Mika Koivuniemi be your inspiration.

Mika Koivuniemi

Though you might not be able to pronounce his name, Mika Koivuniemi is regarded as the top ranking male bowler by World Bowling and has more than earned his title. The 47-year old Finnish man joined American professional bowling in 1999 and has gone on to win 13 career titles, earning himself millions of dollars in the process. 

You know what he was before he bowled professionally? An electrician.

Bowlers can come from all walks of life, and because it is such an accessible sport, you don't need to be a hardened athlete to compete. You just need to want to do it, then practise. 

'Major Mika' himself wanted to succeed badly enough that he sold everything he had in Finland and moved to the United States in 1998. It was a smart move, too, as the man has since bowled 29 PBA perfect 300 games. He has competed all over the world, most recently in Japan. 

He wanted to win at bowling, so he got up and bowled. Do you want to win at bowling? Get to ZONE BOWLING and start practising.