Get fit and healthy with a round of bowling!


Tenpin bowling is considered by many to be a great source of fun and one of the most popular family activities around the world today.

And while all of that is true, did you know that bowling is also a good way to stay fit and healthy?

Bowling isn't only for parties for kids - people of all ages can benefit from the gentle but effective aerobic exercise that this sport offers.

So next time you're bowling at your work party, you can let everyone know they're improving their fitness in the following ways.

Muscle toning

Bowling balls are heavy for good reason - they can help you tone and strengthen your muscles!

Lifting a heavy ball, walking slowly toward the lane and swinging and throwing it replicates some of the weight training you might do at the gym.

The repeated, weighted movements of your arms and upper body required in bowling are proven to be effective in strengthening muscle in these areas.

Calorie burning

Sweating away on the treadmill isn't most people's idea of fun exercise.

And while bowling might not burn the same amount of calories as a vigorous jog, the continuous walking and swinging is a fun way to balance out any chips and soft drinks you might be enjoying during your game.

Lowered risk of disease

Due to the aerobic exercise involved, it has also been suggested that bowling is a great way to strengthen your heart and reduce the chances of heart disease and other health risks such as diabetes.


Thought that you couldn't enjoy a game of bowling if you're pregnant? Think again.

The Livestrong Foundation has claimed that bowling is a fantastic low-impact form of physical exercise, perfect for pregnant women to stay in shape.

With all these health benefits plus much more on offer, it's time to ditch that boring gym membership and head to a ZONE BOWLING for some fun fitness!