Get dressed up for Australia Day at ZONE BOWLING


Australia Day celebrates everything Australian about Australia's Australians. Not only that, but it's also a long weekend so you can get a little extra time off work to do the things you enjoy! 

Here at ZONE BOWLING we love Australia Day, too (though we won't be taking the time off). Because of this, we've got some great deals and competitions running throughout the weekend, including an Aussie burger being served up in our centres.

To celebrate the day, we'll also be running some Aussie-themed events. Alongside face painting and a range of green and gold decorations, there will also be a dress-up competition with prizes for best dressed. If you'd like to be in with a chance at winning, book your bowling day online and head into ZONE BOWLING with your costume.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


"She's the hero Australia deserves." 

Kanga-who? always enters the room without anyone knowing, effortlessly hopping from shadow to shadow, waiting to strike evil in its face. Her super boxing punches are matched only by her ability to kick incredibly hard. On top of that, her bowling skills are unparalleled, though she is frequently seen stashing snacks in her pouch. 

Turkey Dundee

"That's not a bowling ball. This is a bowling ball."

Turkey Dundee is the biggest, baddest, toughest outback bowling legend Australia has ever seen. He seems to knock down turkeys (three strikes in a row) without batting an eyelid, and could probably do it whilst wrestling a real turkey at the same time. It doesn't matter what score he gets - it's always a perfect game.

A criminal

"I sentence you to life in Australia."

What better way to celebrate our history than to dress up as some of its original citizens? Albeit they were forced citizens ... but still ... it makes for a great costume. Will you go the chain gang rags route, or a classic black and white jumpsuit? The choice is entirely yours.