Get a grip! How to hold a bowling ball correctly


Do you find that your shots always seem to stray off course or you're just never that comfortable when walking up to the approach?

The problem might be with how you're gripping your bowling ball. Sure, there may only be three holes to stick your fingers into, but holding the ball the right way does involve technique.

Here are some tips to ensure you've got a solid grip on your bowling technique!

Two's company

Although in the end you only use one hand to launch the ball, you should use both of them in the lead up to the throw.

Don't swing your ball around with your throwing hand as you walk up to the lane. With your fingers already in the holes, use your free hand to support and cradle the ball close to your chin as you near the approach. Doing this will give your hand the stability it needs to achieve a great throw!

How far?

Many beginner bowlers wonder how far they have to insert their fingers into the holes. Do you have to stick them all the way in or leave a bit of room?

For most bowlers, it's best to go with a traditional grip and put them in as far as they can comfortably fit - usually up to the second knuckle.

However, once you've honed your skills with some team bowling, you might want to try a fingertip grip (only up to the first knuckle), which can make it easier to hook the ball.


Don't let the nerves of a high-intensity bowling league match get to you!

It's best to adopt a relaxed grip when you throw the ball - just let it slide smoothly off your fingers. Keeping your hand nice and relaxed will also help you avoid injury.

If you're now ready to master your bowling grip, why not head down to ZONE BOWLING for your next work party?