Four Sports Where Everyone Starts Equal


Some sports are just no fun when you’re a newcomer up against opponents with ridiculous skills. Nobody wants to play defence against a budding Buddy Franklin or race against the next Usain Bolt. Even cycling requires special skills and equipment, which is no fun when everyone has raced off up that mountain in their fancy jerseys and lycra. Fortunately, there are some fun sports that keep everyone on a level playing field. (No, we’re not talking Tunnel Ball.)

Frisbee has no winners or losers

It’s the team sport without any opposition, unless you count the dog that keeps running from person to person trying to catch the whizzing disc in his mouth. Frisbee is the perfect way to spend a sunny day in the park, along with a picnic, a few friends and absolutely no score-keeping. All you have to do is to perfect that flick of your wrist and catch the breeze juuuust right. If you want to add a competitive element, use a hula-hoop as a “goal” in which you have to land the Frisbee.

Bocce is all in the toss

Another standard bring-to-picnics sport that comes in a convenient satchel, bocce (or boules) takes the basic concept of lawn bowls and removes the need for a mower (you can also keep your shoes on). A small jack nestles in the grass or on a gravel pitch and you underarm toss metal balls at this target. The aim is to get closest to the jack, taking advantage of bounce and rolling opportunities. Just be careful you don’t overthrow and clonk Nanna in the head.

Darts takes biceps, good aim... or blind luck

There are plenty of games you can play with three spiky projectiles and a circular board, and they all reward a deadeye for hitting the target. Or, as is so often the case when you rock up to play a round with your mates, flicking the darts with a quick prayer and magically hitting that triple-20. Of course, if you want to lose your smugness over a victory, try watching the professionals on TV. They’re like modern-day Robin Hoods without bows.

Tenpin bowling is fun for everyone

There’s obviously skill involved in bowling, as anyone who’s thrown a perfect 300 game will tell you, but the great thing about it is that you can level the playing field depending on who’s competing. Set up a ramp for toddlers who can’t lift their ball yet. Slide in some bumpers for kids and/or the aim-deficient. Or order a beer from the bar to steady Dad’s aim. There’s no greater sound in sport than 10 skittles blasting apart as you call “STRIIIIIIIIKE!”

Well, there’s a clear choice when it comes to a fun, competitive sport that everyone can enjoy. So head to your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue, select your bowling ball and bring the whole gang.